Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Moses' week so far

Monday: Moses manage to open a box full of sandpaper sheets and pieces and proceeded to eat them. Wirewool was most definitely his favourite of the whole lot and he was very distressed when I stopped him from eating it

Tuesday: After being stopped eating and chewing cloth that had been used to wax the floor Moses had found the tub that had shoe polish, brushes and cloths in it. Again somehow manage to get it open and emptied it on the floor and was about to start chewing it's contents when it was saved

Wednesday: Found a banana in the kitchen (soft one that is only good for banana custard or banana cake) got it somehow to the floor and happily ate the whole thing (bar the skins). The whole incident gave more support to the suspicion that Moses is not purely carnivous.

PS: I love the Prime Ministers can someone take seriously bunch of men who call each other Right Honorouble Gentlemen while slacking each other off!!!!

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