Friday, July 21, 2006


Hurrah, it is finally Friday and we are off to Scotland via Liverpool lunchtime today. We've got cottage for a week in the Borders, somewhere near Melrose. We are very very exited...we haven;t had a holiday for a while and we are also going to see some friends we haven't seen for a while :)

We are driving up to Olly & Becky's tonight and then we are all going to go to the cottage for a weekend. We've got book of walks around there, that should hopefully keep Moses amused. After the cottage we are going to see our lovely friend Craig from School of Ministry in Middlesborough from Sat evening to Monday. On Monday, I am going to see the people from Newcastle again just for a chat and then they are going to take david and I out for a lunch.

On our way back from Newcastle we are planning on calling on Family Hockey who are moving to the home counties next week. We saw them last night and had a really lovely meal together and even more lovely prayer time.

So if you don't hear anythign from us for a week or so, the reason is we are enjoying ourselves and there is no internet access available. But there'll be lots of pics afterwards...

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