Friday, July 14, 2006

Finally Friday

Hurrah! Friday has arrived (=weekend of diy) The sun is shining, it is quite windy but at least it looks like it is summer. We are off camping tonight with Tony, just for 1 night, up in the moors. It will be fun to see how Moses will take to it...

I took Moses for a walk up in Clearbrook yesterday. David cycled up there with Tony and I met them after my walk quickly before we all headed back home. Moses met some sheep and ran after them but he did come back when I called. It's funny how chasing sheep is in his blood, or not funny but interesting to see how it comes naturally to him eventhough he has never seen sheep being rounded up.

Above is one of David's photos from Woodlands where his parents live. He took it last summer, got up crazy o'clock one morning, walked to the woods and waited for a long time for the sun to come up and this was the result. I was happily sleeping :)

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