Friday, June 16, 2006


It is already Friday and I haven't written a blog since Tuesday, that is so lazy!!!! We've been quite busy last couple of days. David has been finishing tiling the kitchen floor (he did the last tiles yesterday, now all they are missing is grout and once that is done I'll post some pictures here).

My sister is around as is David's sister so we've got a busy weekend ahead. We are hoping to head to the beach today provided that I get a day off from work. I also need to climb up to the dusty and dark loft to see if I can find buckets and spades etc. I know they use to be in a box there titlesd sailing wellies & beach stuff etc but as the wellies have been lying on the bedroom floor for the last couple of weeks, since we went see David's parents on their boat in Dartmouth (mid May?) my guess is the buckets are somewhere else...

Also need to take Moses for a little legstretch. He has been getting scaringly teenagery in his behaviour over the last couple of weeks, he is still a puppy but he likes disobeying your orders delibarately :( he usually does the opposite.

We watched walk the line yesterday, it is brilliant film. We bought the Folsom prison cd after we saw the film in the cinema and listened to it non-stop for 2 days, it is also brilliant! Amy and Paivi liked it as well which was good.

We also watched the England game nerve racking was that! I said before the game I thought the result was going to be 2-0 but I thought it woudl be 2-0 on a nice relaxing kind of way, not waiting untill pretty much to the end of the game for the first goal and ssecond on the added time menawhile Trinidad and Tobago looked like they were more likely to score than England! But they wan so everything was ok...

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