Thursday, June 29, 2006

Things you hear people say

We went to the cinema yesterday and saw the lake house. It was very sweet film, both of us liked it (=not too cheesy and sugary). We were both a bit dubious about it before we went to the cinema, mainly because of the two year time difference thing, but it was the only film that sounded vaguely interesting. So we enjoyed it is the short of it.

When the end credits were going on and people started to leave the cinema, there was a couple sitting behind us and they got up and the man said "that was created as a form of torture"!!! Both of us and the two ladies who sat next to us couldn't really believe our ears and couldn't do anythign else than laugh...i thought that man could benefit from some relationship advice. If David would say something like that to me after a film I had enjoyed it would really upset me and take half of the enjoyement of the film away. There is a tiny possiblity that he was talking about the seats rather than the film but as we were in the warner village or vue or whatever it is nowadays rather than odeon that is very unlikely!

Also when I was walking to work today i passed this little girl with cute pigtails walking to school with her mum. The little girl was very sweet so I smiled and she happened to look at me and smiled back (as kids usually do, unlike adults who sometimes look even more grumpy when they see someone smiling). When I had walked couple of steps past them I heard the mum say 'why are you smiling' to the little girl, like it was a sin to smile. And before I walked too far not to hear what they were saying I heard the little girl saying 'because the lady smiled at me'. The mother seemed to think that was good enough reason to smile and didn't say anyting more.

But it is funny how if you see people smiling, my first reaction is usually to smile back, unless I am feeling very very grumpy (which happens rarely). If you see someone walking around with a happy smile it does really cheer you up, doesn't it (or is it just me?). So the question is, do you smile back if you see someone smiling, do you walk past and ignore their smile or do you try to look as miserable as possible and try to convey to the smiler it is pointless to smile? I like smiles, so please smile at me :)

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