Monday, June 26, 2006

So much has happened

It's kind of been hectic the last couple of days. I did some shopping with my sister on Thursday (I think) two of our sisters have (had) birthdays in June so we had to find presents for them. We also went to the Aquarium and saw lots of pretty fish and couple of sharks.

On Friday we did lots of baking...cookies, korvapuusti, cake, cheesecake :) just for the fun of it. The cheesecake was good but a bit different than I expected, I went to Sainsbury's to buy some food and curd cheese for my cheesecake only to discover that they don't do curd cheese. As i couldn't see the point of driving to Waitrose in Saltash and paying a pound to cross the bridge back from the foreign land I bought some ricotta which I thought would do the job...the cake tasted nice but it was quite spongy instead of rich and cheesy but David liked so that was good.

Oh, on Thursday night we went for a walk up in the moors and had dinner at the Plume of Feathers which was really nice. Paivi had steak & ale pie and she said she was still stuffed on Friday morning. Moses behaved himself pretty well but got a bit bored so David took him back to the car. It was really nice in the pub, only locals, which was good fun!

On Friday evening, Tony and David went for a cycle while I watched Friends with Paivi. We had some dinner together and consumed some of the cheesecake. Paivi and I cooked this lovely czechuan chicken recipe that Mark cooked for David and I once - it is delicious and it's quick.

David woke up feeling very poorly on Saturday morning and is still not well, he went to the doctors this morning so hopefully we know soon what's wrong with him. On Saturday we drove up to Stansted and said goodbye to Paivi which was sad, it had been so nice to have her around and talk in Finnish. On the way back we stopped at Ikea for meetballs :)

On Sunday we did nothing, I took the pooch out in the morning and David was very poorly. David hasn't really slept well for the last couple of nights so he was pretty tired and sat on the sofa all day. We wathced the football, England won which was a relief. We also watched a Poirot that was on tv oceans 12 and we finnished the day off by watching the Portugal-Holland game that was a total farse with pretty much every single member of both teams receiving yellow cards!

Oh and one last thing, the dog had manage to chew through our computer powerlead on Saturday night (it had been left close to his cage and he had managed to claw it in somehow and munch his way through it)! And he did the same to the cable off the subwolfe thing so we can't play any music or use the beautiful laptop :( need to order a new powerlead but that's £50 :( The suprising thing is that Moses doesn't seem to have suffered at all from chewing through the leads, power was on on both things when he chewed the leads and he didn't make a noise or antyhing (or we didn't wake up to hear it).

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