Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sightseeing in London

I went to London yestrday with my sister and Mark (my brother-in-law). We left early, got the train from Southampton and arrived to London just in time for the changing of the guards. It was fun but it took a long long time - we got bored before it ended and went and ate our sandwiches in the park. The weather wasn't the best but at least it wasn't raining.

After munching the sandwiches we walked along the Mall to the National Gallery, saw Nelson's column all wrapped up for restoration. It was really really busy in the national gallery with lots of school kids and tourists. It was still nice to wonder around it. Mark liked a painting of Lake Keitele by a Finnish painter Gallen-Kallela - good taste!

After the National gallery we headed to Oxford Street, had some coffee and did some shopping. Paivi shopped for a long time, in the end my feet were really really tired and Mark had coped with far more shopping than is healthy for men so we went for another coffee while Paivi did some more shopping.

We walked down Oxford Street and after we had exhausted the shops we wondered about Hyde Park, helped some Koreans with some directions and saw some cute little gooslings. All the roses were flowering and their fragrance was gorgeous.

From Hyde Park we headed down to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. By the time we'd done that it was pretty late and we were starving so we found a pizza express and had some lovely pizzas before heading home. Mark had a Finnish lesson on the train back home. We weren't home (David's parents) untill after 11 so.

When we got back we found out that poor Kinza had had to have her tail chopped off, she had a cyst on it and the vet had tried removing it but in the end she had recommended removing the tail. So Kinza was not very happy. She had a good night sleep but was still in quite a lot of pain.

I was really really tired this morning, I didn't have the best nights sleep, dreamt quite a lot and the cockerell (not sure about the spelling at all) started making noises really really early in the morning, definitely before the sunrise!

We drove back around lunchtime, the traffic was pretty awful and there were lots of awful drivers, lorries and tailgating BMWs on the road but we got back ok and it didn't take much longer than usual. On the way to David's parents on Sunday night we had a brilliant run up there and it took about 2 hours and 15 minutes., the roads were clear and there were now tractors about :)

David is watching the football and I'm about to join him. England are playing Sweden and I'm in two minds if I should support my nordic fellow citizens or England, I'll probably go for England - the safer choice I think...
Chaning of the guards = men in their funny hats!

Paivi and I with Big Ben in the background.

Paivi and I watching the changing of the guards, unfortunately we either got photo with me eyes nearly closed or Paivi pulling a funny face.

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