Monday, June 12, 2006

New potatoes

I ordered some new potatoes from the milkman, proper cornish ones, and i thought it would be nice to have them for dinner tonight. And I also thought it would be nice to steam them as it is suppose to keep more of the vitamins etc in. So far they have been steaming for about 30 minutes and they are still not ready!!! And I am hungry. I've also roasted some butternut squash with spices....yammee - hopefully.

We saw little Olivia Eve yesterday and she was very small and very cute :)

We are watching the football at the moment and waiting for the dinner. Italy vs. Ghana, italians are leading 1-0. It's pretty good match and there is no anxiety factors attached to wathing it, umlike the England matches!

I've tried to find a new shower curtain (the old one has been past retirement age for a while) but didn't really have fun finding a new one. The only options available are either really nice and really expensive or really cheap and really tacky. I did see a nice toaster though that would be nice with our red kettle...need start saving up for that. My sister also said that there is a new moomin mug out, it's a special edition just for the summer...

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