Friday, June 09, 2006


So the world cup has started. No hope having David's attention for untill the 9th of June. But the good thing is, one of my sisters arrived for a visit yesterday so I will have her company untill the 24th! It's going to be busy couple of weeks with family, David's sister is coming down next weekend and David's mum is also coming for a flying visit before my sister goes (she is giving a lift to some ladies to a conference in Kingsbridge and is going to come and see us for a day and a bit when the ladies go to the conference).

We left Moses at Woodlands (David's parents) yesterday when we picked up Paivi. On the way home we picked him up, had a lovely BBQ and cake and didn't leave untill after 9 so we got back to Plymouth rather late. I drove untill Honiton and then David drove the last stretch to home, the plan was for me to drive all the way but for some reason my eyes were getting very tired/watery in the dark with all the lights etc.

I've worked this morning and in the afternoon, after having a nice Finnish lunch (rye bread, ham, cheese, cucamber :) we wondered down to the Barbican. I tried to do some more work when we got back when Paivi was watching the Sisterhood of the traveling pants (brilliant film).

We gonna go over to Angela's tonight and BBQ some meat. Doing pretty well with the BBQs third one in one week, Seb & Mim came over on Monday and we had some lovely BBQed salmon with them, yesterday we BBQed the delights from Verwood buthcer and tonight we are about to have one more BBQ. It's good, because I love BBQs and the summer is usually too cold to have enough of them!

Yesterday when we were driving back from Stanstead we had this brilliant idea (couple of pushy tailgating BMW kind of spurred it). It would be brilliant to have a website where you could log all the tailgating annoying drivers, write down their registration number, write a little description of their behaviour & location...a bit like the americans do tracking their notes. We might have to work on this idea but watch this space...

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