Saturday, June 10, 2006

England's first game

So England have played their first game today and they won which is good (=David is happy). We had lovely BBQ last night, very windy but fun.

We also watched a Finnish film called FC Venus. It was good, unfortunately the subtitles didn't work that well on Angela's DVD player so I have to translate it to Angela and David. It's a story about women who get tired of their other halves football obsession and make a bet that they can make up a team, train for two months and play the men. If htey win, the men will never ever play or watch football, if the men win the women have to pay them tickets to Germany to world cup and they are never allowed to complain and nag about their men's football obsession.

We went over to Tony's to watch the game today. It got a bit nerve racking in the last 30 minutes. England were only 1-0 up and David and Tony were getting very agetated especially when Hargreaves was brought on as a substitution...he is not their favourite player!

Went for a quick walk in the Plymwoods as well. Moses managed to loose his balance couple of times and fall into the water. Very amusing and very muddy...The weatehr is definitely getting colder. There is lots of moisture in the air and it makes it feel much colder.

Paivi and I painted the wall outside, just an undercoat. It was so hot this morning, very summery. David has been tiling the kitchen floor, it is all nearly done soon :)

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