Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cherries and strawberries

Glorious summer is finally here. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it is hot! Yesterday we got up pretty early and went for a little walk around Noss Mayo, parked at the Ship in and then wondered off. The weather was glorious and at nine a clock on Sunday morning there were hardly anybody else around.

After the walk we dropped Moses back to the house and our Riverford box arrived around the same time. The box was quite exiting this week, it's finally time to say goodbye to leeks and stuff like that and welcome lettice and peppers etc. Also over the last couple of months we've had lots of pears, which are nice in moderation but we've just had a bit too many of them so it was nice to see cherries and strawberries alonside the standard apples and bananas! The strawberries need a bit longer but we had one box of the cherries and they were so yammee :)

After eating the cherries we headed off to all the diy shops in Plymouth in search for a spanner, exterior paint, BBQ and couple of other little things. Two hours later we came back with boot full of tiles, fancy new BBQ, spanner and the couple of other little things we had been looking for. The only part of the mission we failed was the paint. We need to paint the outside wall that goes around our front garden but we can't seem to find the colour that it is at the moment (all the window frames etc match that colour).

David watched the foorball, England agains Jamaica and England won 6-0. Less than week to go and then it is the world cup! Oh dear?

I baked some muffins yesterday and this morning (84 to be exact, 36 chocolate chip, 36t blueberry and 12 raisin and nut) for teas and coffees at church. I've found this lovley recipe and they are quite quick and easy to make and everyone seemed to appreaciate them :)

While David was doing DIY I assembled the barbeque. It was actually quite fiddly but I managed to do it. We christened it and BBQed a whole chicken, some potatoes and lovely vege on it. It's one of the dome ones. The chicken was really really tasty and we had it with nice bottle of white wine that we got from the Riverford shop while we got the chicken (on the way back from our walk).

We headed up to the moors and had lunch in the Plume of Feathers with Tony after church. Moses was reasponably well behaved and we manage to eat our lunch with him sitting by the table and not barking or whining too much.

We had a BBQ on Friday night as well with couple of friends who came over. It was fun. We used an old throwaway BBQ that we've had in the cupboard for years, still worked fine and we were all stuffed and thoroughly happy.

David did some tiling this morning and he is trying out his dad's tile cutter at the moment. I'll post some pictures here when it is done. It is looking pretty good in the kitchen!

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