Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Buttons and sunshine

The sun is finally shining again in Plymouth after couple of cold and rainy days. David's cold is getting a bit better. He is still coughing a lot but last night we had relatively good night of sleep. For last five days or so he has been coughing so much during the night that neither one of us has slept particularly well. I've made lots of honey and lemon with hot water in teh middle of the night in the vain hope it would make the cough to go away and I could sleep...but it doesn't really work, apart from making david's throat less tickly.

I've just sowed on a button to David's trousers and managed to poke myself with the needle :( We are going to take the pooch for a walk and then go to cinema. There isn't really anything on but we haven't been to cinema and it's Wednesday (orange wednesdays - buy 1 get 1 free) so we thought we'd go and see something.

My strawberries are doing pretty well, I think we've had 10 or so strawberries so far, really really tasty and nice, and there are plenty of green ones coming along...

There is no football on for couple of days but luckily Wimbledon is on so David doesn't have to suffer any withdrawal symptoms! We are both getting really exited about next Monday when we gonna go there!!!

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