Thursday, June 29, 2006

Things you hear people say

We went to the cinema yesterday and saw the lake house. It was very sweet film, both of us liked it (=not too cheesy and sugary). We were both a bit dubious about it before we went to the cinema, mainly because of the two year time difference thing, but it was the only film that sounded vaguely interesting. So we enjoyed it is the short of it.

When the end credits were going on and people started to leave the cinema, there was a couple sitting behind us and they got up and the man said "that was created as a form of torture"!!! Both of us and the two ladies who sat next to us couldn't really believe our ears and couldn't do anythign else than laugh...i thought that man could benefit from some relationship advice. If David would say something like that to me after a film I had enjoyed it would really upset me and take half of the enjoyement of the film away. There is a tiny possiblity that he was talking about the seats rather than the film but as we were in the warner village or vue or whatever it is nowadays rather than odeon that is very unlikely!

Also when I was walking to work today i passed this little girl with cute pigtails walking to school with her mum. The little girl was very sweet so I smiled and she happened to look at me and smiled back (as kids usually do, unlike adults who sometimes look even more grumpy when they see someone smiling). When I had walked couple of steps past them I heard the mum say 'why are you smiling' to the little girl, like it was a sin to smile. And before I walked too far not to hear what they were saying I heard the little girl saying 'because the lady smiled at me'. The mother seemed to think that was good enough reason to smile and didn't say anyting more.

But it is funny how if you see people smiling, my first reaction is usually to smile back, unless I am feeling very very grumpy (which happens rarely). If you see someone walking around with a happy smile it does really cheer you up, doesn't it (or is it just me?). So the question is, do you smile back if you see someone smiling, do you walk past and ignore their smile or do you try to look as miserable as possible and try to convey to the smiler it is pointless to smile? I like smiles, so please smile at me :)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Buttons and sunshine

The sun is finally shining again in Plymouth after couple of cold and rainy days. David's cold is getting a bit better. He is still coughing a lot but last night we had relatively good night of sleep. For last five days or so he has been coughing so much during the night that neither one of us has slept particularly well. I've made lots of honey and lemon with hot water in teh middle of the night in the vain hope it would make the cough to go away and I could sleep...but it doesn't really work, apart from making david's throat less tickly.

I've just sowed on a button to David's trousers and managed to poke myself with the needle :( We are going to take the pooch for a walk and then go to cinema. There isn't really anything on but we haven't been to cinema and it's Wednesday (orange wednesdays - buy 1 get 1 free) so we thought we'd go and see something.

My strawberries are doing pretty well, I think we've had 10 or so strawberries so far, really really tasty and nice, and there are plenty of green ones coming along...

There is no football on for couple of days but luckily Wimbledon is on so David doesn't have to suffer any withdrawal symptoms! We are both getting really exited about next Monday when we gonna go there!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

So much has happened

It's kind of been hectic the last couple of days. I did some shopping with my sister on Thursday (I think) two of our sisters have (had) birthdays in June so we had to find presents for them. We also went to the Aquarium and saw lots of pretty fish and couple of sharks.

On Friday we did lots of baking...cookies, korvapuusti, cake, cheesecake :) just for the fun of it. The cheesecake was good but a bit different than I expected, I went to Sainsbury's to buy some food and curd cheese for my cheesecake only to discover that they don't do curd cheese. As i couldn't see the point of driving to Waitrose in Saltash and paying a pound to cross the bridge back from the foreign land I bought some ricotta which I thought would do the job...the cake tasted nice but it was quite spongy instead of rich and cheesy but David liked so that was good.

Oh, on Thursday night we went for a walk up in the moors and had dinner at the Plume of Feathers which was really nice. Paivi had steak & ale pie and she said she was still stuffed on Friday morning. Moses behaved himself pretty well but got a bit bored so David took him back to the car. It was really nice in the pub, only locals, which was good fun!

On Friday evening, Tony and David went for a cycle while I watched Friends with Paivi. We had some dinner together and consumed some of the cheesecake. Paivi and I cooked this lovely czechuan chicken recipe that Mark cooked for David and I once - it is delicious and it's quick.

David woke up feeling very poorly on Saturday morning and is still not well, he went to the doctors this morning so hopefully we know soon what's wrong with him. On Saturday we drove up to Stansted and said goodbye to Paivi which was sad, it had been so nice to have her around and talk in Finnish. On the way back we stopped at Ikea for meetballs :)

On Sunday we did nothing, I took the pooch out in the morning and David was very poorly. David hasn't really slept well for the last couple of nights so he was pretty tired and sat on the sofa all day. We wathced the football, England won which was a relief. We also watched a Poirot that was on tv oceans 12 and we finnished the day off by watching the Portugal-Holland game that was a total farse with pretty much every single member of both teams receiving yellow cards!

Oh and one last thing, the dog had manage to chew through our computer powerlead on Saturday night (it had been left close to his cage and he had managed to claw it in somehow and munch his way through it)! And he did the same to the cable off the subwolfe thing so we can't play any music or use the beautiful laptop :( need to order a new powerlead but that's £50 :( The suprising thing is that Moses doesn't seem to have suffered at all from chewing through the leads, power was on on both things when he chewed the leads and he didn't make a noise or antyhing (or we didn't wake up to hear it).

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sightseeing in London

I went to London yestrday with my sister and Mark (my brother-in-law). We left early, got the train from Southampton and arrived to London just in time for the changing of the guards. It was fun but it took a long long time - we got bored before it ended and went and ate our sandwiches in the park. The weather wasn't the best but at least it wasn't raining.

After munching the sandwiches we walked along the Mall to the National Gallery, saw Nelson's column all wrapped up for restoration. It was really really busy in the national gallery with lots of school kids and tourists. It was still nice to wonder around it. Mark liked a painting of Lake Keitele by a Finnish painter Gallen-Kallela - good taste!

After the National gallery we headed to Oxford Street, had some coffee and did some shopping. Paivi shopped for a long time, in the end my feet were really really tired and Mark had coped with far more shopping than is healthy for men so we went for another coffee while Paivi did some more shopping.

We walked down Oxford Street and after we had exhausted the shops we wondered about Hyde Park, helped some Koreans with some directions and saw some cute little gooslings. All the roses were flowering and their fragrance was gorgeous.

From Hyde Park we headed down to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. By the time we'd done that it was pretty late and we were starving so we found a pizza express and had some lovely pizzas before heading home. Mark had a Finnish lesson on the train back home. We weren't home (David's parents) untill after 11 so.

When we got back we found out that poor Kinza had had to have her tail chopped off, she had a cyst on it and the vet had tried removing it but in the end she had recommended removing the tail. So Kinza was not very happy. She had a good night sleep but was still in quite a lot of pain.

I was really really tired this morning, I didn't have the best nights sleep, dreamt quite a lot and the cockerell (not sure about the spelling at all) started making noises really really early in the morning, definitely before the sunrise!

We drove back around lunchtime, the traffic was pretty awful and there were lots of awful drivers, lorries and tailgating BMWs on the road but we got back ok and it didn't take much longer than usual. On the way to David's parents on Sunday night we had a brilliant run up there and it took about 2 hours and 15 minutes., the roads were clear and there were now tractors about :)

David is watching the football and I'm about to join him. England are playing Sweden and I'm in two minds if I should support my nordic fellow citizens or England, I'll probably go for England - the safer choice I think...
Chaning of the guards = men in their funny hats!

Paivi and I with Big Ben in the background.

Paivi and I watching the changing of the guards, unfortunately we either got photo with me eyes nearly closed or Paivi pulling a funny face.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


I went to Bigbury with Paivi and Amy yesterday and we were roasting ourselves in the sun which was fun. The weather is gorgeous today as well so I think the plan is to do the same again :)

Friday, June 16, 2006


It is already Friday and I haven't written a blog since Tuesday, that is so lazy!!!! We've been quite busy last couple of days. David has been finishing tiling the kitchen floor (he did the last tiles yesterday, now all they are missing is grout and once that is done I'll post some pictures here).

My sister is around as is David's sister so we've got a busy weekend ahead. We are hoping to head to the beach today provided that I get a day off from work. I also need to climb up to the dusty and dark loft to see if I can find buckets and spades etc. I know they use to be in a box there titlesd sailing wellies & beach stuff etc but as the wellies have been lying on the bedroom floor for the last couple of weeks, since we went see David's parents on their boat in Dartmouth (mid May?) my guess is the buckets are somewhere else...

Also need to take Moses for a little legstretch. He has been getting scaringly teenagery in his behaviour over the last couple of weeks, he is still a puppy but he likes disobeying your orders delibarately :( he usually does the opposite.

We watched walk the line yesterday, it is brilliant film. We bought the Folsom prison cd after we saw the film in the cinema and listened to it non-stop for 2 days, it is also brilliant! Amy and Paivi liked it as well which was good.

We also watched the England game nerve racking was that! I said before the game I thought the result was going to be 2-0 but I thought it woudl be 2-0 on a nice relaxing kind of way, not waiting untill pretty much to the end of the game for the first goal and ssecond on the added time menawhile Trinidad and Tobago looked like they were more likely to score than England! But they wan so everything was ok...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Figgle weather

Yesterday was suppose to be the hottest day in June since 18-something (1885 I think), 30.3 celcius was measured somewhere around London however in Plymouth it wasn't hot at all, it was overcast most of the day and cleared up in the evening.

Today the weather forecast said it was going to be sunny with some clouds Plymouth it rained. The rain was good because it meant that I didn't have to water my garden this evening. The bad thing however was that as it looked quite nice in the morning I didn't have an umbrella with me and just in time for me to go to a meeting in the chancellory it was raining cats and dogs - the meeting went well but I got wet :(

I went to supermarket this evening with Paivi while David was playing football. I was very good and resisted buying some more flowers (I nearly did buy them because they were really really nice and they were reduced...but then I thought that I did have perfectly good flowers at home and I didn't really need them)

Now we are watching Brazil vs Croatia. Brazil are leading 1-0, Kaka scored an amazing goal. It's pretty good match, it could still go either way but you still espect Brazil to do something amazing any minute...and it's only two days to go untill England plays again - how can we cope with the exitement!?!

Monday, June 12, 2006

New potatoes

I ordered some new potatoes from the milkman, proper cornish ones, and i thought it would be nice to have them for dinner tonight. And I also thought it would be nice to steam them as it is suppose to keep more of the vitamins etc in. So far they have been steaming for about 30 minutes and they are still not ready!!! And I am hungry. I've also roasted some butternut squash with spices....yammee - hopefully.

We saw little Olivia Eve yesterday and she was very small and very cute :)

We are watching the football at the moment and waiting for the dinner. Italy vs. Ghana, italians are leading 1-0. It's pretty good match and there is no anxiety factors attached to wathing it, umlike the England matches!

I've tried to find a new shower curtain (the old one has been past retirement age for a while) but didn't really have fun finding a new one. The only options available are either really nice and really expensive or really cheap and really tacky. I did see a nice toaster though that would be nice with our red kettle...need start saving up for that. My sister also said that there is a new moomin mug out, it's a special edition just for the summer...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

How to scare a bear away?

In the BBC news website they had a hilarious story this morning about a bear who had been scared away from somebody's garden by very territorial cat. I've never heard anything like that happen before and also the photo looks very funny.

We had our third BBQ in 3 days with Paul and Nicky last night an it was delicious. Lots of lovely food and Nicky had had a brilliant idea of making some Pimms. What more could you ask. I had seen this recipe for a rolls cooked on BBQ but forgot the recipe home but we tried it anyway just using a normal roll dough. They turned out ok, a bit doughy but definitely worth trying again.

And we'll hopefully finally get to meet Olivia Eve this afternoon not just in pictures but in real life :) I'll see if I can get Paivi baking and to make some korvapuusti which are favourite of every English person I've offered them to so far!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

England's first game

So England have played their first game today and they won which is good (=David is happy). We had lovely BBQ last night, very windy but fun.

We also watched a Finnish film called FC Venus. It was good, unfortunately the subtitles didn't work that well on Angela's DVD player so I have to translate it to Angela and David. It's a story about women who get tired of their other halves football obsession and make a bet that they can make up a team, train for two months and play the men. If htey win, the men will never ever play or watch football, if the men win the women have to pay them tickets to Germany to world cup and they are never allowed to complain and nag about their men's football obsession.

We went over to Tony's to watch the game today. It got a bit nerve racking in the last 30 minutes. England were only 1-0 up and David and Tony were getting very agetated especially when Hargreaves was brought on as a substitution...he is not their favourite player!

Went for a quick walk in the Plymwoods as well. Moses managed to loose his balance couple of times and fall into the water. Very amusing and very muddy...The weatehr is definitely getting colder. There is lots of moisture in the air and it makes it feel much colder.

Paivi and I painted the wall outside, just an undercoat. It was so hot this morning, very summery. David has been tiling the kitchen floor, it is all nearly done soon :)

Friday, June 09, 2006


So the world cup has started. No hope having David's attention for untill the 9th of June. But the good thing is, one of my sisters arrived for a visit yesterday so I will have her company untill the 24th! It's going to be busy couple of weeks with family, David's sister is coming down next weekend and David's mum is also coming for a flying visit before my sister goes (she is giving a lift to some ladies to a conference in Kingsbridge and is going to come and see us for a day and a bit when the ladies go to the conference).

We left Moses at Woodlands (David's parents) yesterday when we picked up Paivi. On the way home we picked him up, had a lovely BBQ and cake and didn't leave untill after 9 so we got back to Plymouth rather late. I drove untill Honiton and then David drove the last stretch to home, the plan was for me to drive all the way but for some reason my eyes were getting very tired/watery in the dark with all the lights etc.

I've worked this morning and in the afternoon, after having a nice Finnish lunch (rye bread, ham, cheese, cucamber :) we wondered down to the Barbican. I tried to do some more work when we got back when Paivi was watching the Sisterhood of the traveling pants (brilliant film).

We gonna go over to Angela's tonight and BBQ some meat. Doing pretty well with the BBQs third one in one week, Seb & Mim came over on Monday and we had some lovely BBQed salmon with them, yesterday we BBQed the delights from Verwood buthcer and tonight we are about to have one more BBQ. It's good, because I love BBQs and the summer is usually too cold to have enough of them!

Yesterday when we were driving back from Stanstead we had this brilliant idea (couple of pushy tailgating BMW kind of spurred it). It would be brilliant to have a website where you could log all the tailgating annoying drivers, write down their registration number, write a little description of their behaviour & location...a bit like the americans do tracking their notes. We might have to work on this idea but watch this space...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Päivi tulee tänään :)

Jippiii.... Päivi tulee tänään. Me ajettiin Davidin vanhemmille eilen illalla ja yhdeksän lähetään ajamaan lentokentälle (n. 3 tunnin ajomatka). Aurinko paistaa tänään ja lämpotila on helle lukemissa. Mooses jää päivähoitoon tänne.

Meillä ei oo vielä sen isompia suunnitlemia mitä me aiotaan tehdä Päivin kanssa. Lontooseen meidän on pakko mennä, mä haluaisin mennä 'kansallis akvaarioon' Plymouthissa ja jos ilmat jatkuu tällasina me voidaan mennä rannalle aurinkoa ihailee. Jalkapallon maailman cuppi alkaa huomenna joten David viettää luultavasti pitkan aikaa tv:n ääressä toivoen et Englanti voittaa!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Goodbye to the orange bathroom

The orange bathroom is finally gone. When we were buying the house we didn't realise the bathroom was bright orange (see left). When we got the house we were shocked to discover the bathroom was bright orange and said we'd have to paint it soon because it was so bright. It use to give us eye aches first thing in the morning for the first couple of weeks when you went to the bathrom, sadly our eyes got adjusted to the orangeness scaringly soon and 4.5 years later (i.e. yesterday) the bathroom was still bright orange. But now it has finally been transformed...hurrah!!!

It is now beautiful and serene creamy, mushroomy, coffee colour. More about it later, have to go and help David to clear up tools etc. after more kitchen diy.

Marvelous muffins

Here is the recipe of muffins I baked over the weekend in case you want to try them. Nicky asked for the recipe so I thought I'd put it in here - hope you like them Nicky!

All you need is
70 grams granular sugar
1 egg, beaten
150 ml milk
75 ml sunflower oil
250 gr self raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
150+ gr "flavouring"
little bit of salt

1. Mix egg, milk, oil and sugar together
2. Add flour and baking powder and mix quickly (don't mix too much because if you do, the muffins will turn out tough)
3. Stir in the "flavouring", the mixture can be a bit lumpy as long as their are no airpockets or flour that hasn't been mixed
4. Put in muffin cases &/ muffin tin and bake at gas 5 for 25 minutes
5. Eat and enjoy

For the flavourings I tried:
- plain and milk chocolate chips with and without 2 tbl spoons of cocoa and with and without halved hazelnuts
- blueberries (frozen ones from sainsbury's) and little bit of vanilla extract
- sultanas & halved hazelnuts with tsp or so of mixed spice and another tsp of cinnamon
You can probably try pretty much anything. I did think of trying carrot cake muffins. My guess was grating some carrots adding some nuts and sultanas and maybe using some brown sugar & cinnamon but I didn't have carrots and I had enough muffins for church so I didn't try that.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cherries and strawberries

Glorious summer is finally here. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it is hot! Yesterday we got up pretty early and went for a little walk around Noss Mayo, parked at the Ship in and then wondered off. The weather was glorious and at nine a clock on Sunday morning there were hardly anybody else around.

After the walk we dropped Moses back to the house and our Riverford box arrived around the same time. The box was quite exiting this week, it's finally time to say goodbye to leeks and stuff like that and welcome lettice and peppers etc. Also over the last couple of months we've had lots of pears, which are nice in moderation but we've just had a bit too many of them so it was nice to see cherries and strawberries alonside the standard apples and bananas! The strawberries need a bit longer but we had one box of the cherries and they were so yammee :)

After eating the cherries we headed off to all the diy shops in Plymouth in search for a spanner, exterior paint, BBQ and couple of other little things. Two hours later we came back with boot full of tiles, fancy new BBQ, spanner and the couple of other little things we had been looking for. The only part of the mission we failed was the paint. We need to paint the outside wall that goes around our front garden but we can't seem to find the colour that it is at the moment (all the window frames etc match that colour).

David watched the foorball, England agains Jamaica and England won 6-0. Less than week to go and then it is the world cup! Oh dear?

I baked some muffins yesterday and this morning (84 to be exact, 36 chocolate chip, 36t blueberry and 12 raisin and nut) for teas and coffees at church. I've found this lovley recipe and they are quite quick and easy to make and everyone seemed to appreaciate them :)

While David was doing DIY I assembled the barbeque. It was actually quite fiddly but I managed to do it. We christened it and BBQed a whole chicken, some potatoes and lovely vege on it. It's one of the dome ones. The chicken was really really tasty and we had it with nice bottle of white wine that we got from the Riverford shop while we got the chicken (on the way back from our walk).

We headed up to the moors and had lunch in the Plume of Feathers with Tony after church. Moses was reasponably well behaved and we manage to eat our lunch with him sitting by the table and not barking or whining too much.

We had a BBQ on Friday night as well with couple of friends who came over. It was fun. We used an old throwaway BBQ that we've had in the cupboard for years, still worked fine and we were all stuffed and thoroughly happy.

David did some tiling this morning and he is trying out his dad's tile cutter at the moment. I'll post some pictures here when it is done. It is looking pretty good in the kitchen!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Married to a Landscape Photographer!

Well it finally feels like summmer is here, 20 degreesC (70 degreesF - for all you old timers). Not a cloud in the sky, Devon is a great place to be, unfortunately I was stuck in an office all day. But it great waking up to glorous sun shine.

Those of you that know us know that I love photography , picuturally landscpes, I was reading any article in Practical Photography by David Noton. I really like this guys photography, if only I was that good! In my dreams. But in this Junes issue he write quite an amusing article, all about his holiday. I loved this quote "Once photography is in your blood there’s no escape". Anyway whether you're a lover of photography or not I think its worth a read.

Anyway back to dreaming about taking great photo's and finally affording that D-SLR. For those that wish to make a contribution I saving for the Canon 5D. It looks fab. Oh and while we're on the subject of photography you can have a look at some of mine, here, although please don't be too harsh while comparing them to David Notons.

So away from the computer and into the sun, but before that I think Laura needs saving from Moses' teeth.

Latest fashion for puppies

I have been working from home this afternoon to keep the pooch some company. The afternoon got highly exiting when Moses found a cardboar wine carrier tipped all the bottles out (they were empty so that was ok) and somehow manage to get it around his head while I was too lazy to get up (working too hard to get up rather :) The next thing that happened was that he was running aroung lie a lunatic for the next ten minutes trying to untangle himself and after he manage to get the box of himself he proceeded to shripping it to shreds. Here is some photographical evidence. Now he is having a little snooze after the exitement of the cardboard box and his bone (it smells, and he brought it in to the house!!!).