Sunday, May 21, 2006

Where is the summer?

The weather is still miserable and rainy. This morning when we went to church it was nearly stormy. It should be nice and sunny. On the left is a nice and sunny picture pretty much exactly year ago, when we were in Toronto and it was nice and warm - ice cream weather.

We've had pretty good weekend. David has finished the worktop in the kitchen and it is looking very smart. So far the whole kitchen has cost us 14 pounds and it has doubled in storage place. Room for more mugs and things :) Now we (David) needs to finish the worktop on the other side around the sink and then do some tiling and then it is all done.

We went to see the youngest miss Taylor yesterday but she was asleep so we didn't get an audience with her - but we saw lots of pictures of her and she looks very cute and gorgeous. We had lovely time with Paul and Nicky, drinking nice wine and chatting. Their new sanded floor in the hall that looks really nice...very scandinavian!

There were lots of people at church which was nice, Dee lead worship which was brilliant. I was doign the kids church so I disappeared with them downstairs after a while. I read the story of Jesus healing the blind man, Bartolomeus. It was quite fun asking the kids questions if they knew what blind was etc. Hannah asked me why Moses wasn't in church...Larissa had a cough so we prayed for her, putting our story to practice :) After that we has some crafty time, cutting out pictures from magazines and gluing them on piece of card. Glue went everywhere but the kids seemed to enjoy it. We played some games, it was very amusing, we tried musical chairs but they didn't seem too bothered about winning, they were just happy to run around when the music was on and then sit on the chairs for a while!

David and Meg came around for lunch after church. After eating for a long long time we took the pooch for a walk up the estuary which he seemed to appreciate. And now he is sleeping happily. David and Tony have gone to the cinema to see MI3, I was too lazy to go and am sitting happily on the sofa writing this and watching topgear. This week's challenge was rather amusing, they had to turn cars in to cars that go on road and water (amphipious car or someting like that) it was very amusing to watch! Two out of three sunk (old campervan that was turned into a canal boat and american style van with huge engine) where as an old car turned into sailing boat managed to make it all the way across the 2 mile reservoir.

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