Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Walking in the bubblegum woods

We went for a walk with Moses yesterday in the Plymwoods. It was amazing, it has been raining like crazy the last couple of days and the river was overflowing with water, it looked incredible! The wind was coming from the right direction (Wrigleys factory) and the woods had distinctive fragrance/smell of spearmint about it. It was a quite amusing...I am just extremely thankful that we don't live next door to the factory, I think the smell would get quite tiring!

We had lovely dinner with Gaenor and Rob after we had exercised the pooch. Gaenor had cooked amazing roast and really yammee breadsauce. It was really nice to catch up with them.

We have no sink at the moment. David finally got the worktop to go to the other side of the kitchen and has started fitting it in. He was temping today so the only time he can do it is in the evening. He has cut it to the right size and it's all level and I think hopefully tomorrow he will fit the sink back in.

I quite liked the picture of ducklings above. The butterfly had apparently tried to land on one of their heads and they were trying to fight it off.

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