Monday, May 01, 2006

Sunshine, coffee and ice cream

Today the weather has been surpringly good and BBC weather forecast wrong as usual. I was very very sleepy in the morning and got cruelly forced out of bed by David at 10.30 when he stole the duvert and squerted me with some cold water. Moses let us sleep this morning and didn't make any noises or whimpering - there is still some hope for lazy Saturday mornings. We had fry up (-sausages) for breakfast, walked down to Barbican and met Mister T for coffee & cake. We sat outside in the vain hope that it was nice and warm. We didn't freeze but it wasn't as hot as I had expected. Moses behaved himeself quite well, lots of interesting noises around. After our lovley cakes we walked towards Hoe, Tony kindly bought us ice cream. Mine was very yammee, Langage farm's rasberries and cream :)

On our way back Tony did his good deed of the day and helped some poor lady to push her car up the hill, very inconvinient place to break down. While Tony was saving the day, we got surrounded by this family who adored Moses and all wanted to give him cuddles. I have come to the conlusion that you meet all sorts of people you never met before because you have a dog. Random people just come up to you and start talking or cuddling your dog.

When we got home, Moses collapsed totally. The exitement of walking in town with lots of people around him had been too much for him. I finished the cover for the footstool that has needed doing for the last couple of months, David watched the snooker and Tony booked some flights to go to Ireland to his friends wedding.

Bankholidays are always too short, they are lovely but they go so quickly. Back to work tomorrow, we've got away day for researchers tomorrow in Buckfast Abbey. I need to give a presentation which I am a bit worried about but there are not too many people there so it is not too formal. Not really sure what to wear yet, if the weather is sunny, suit might be too warm...hmmm....I have got some time to think about it.

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