Friday, May 05, 2006

Some photos of our morning walk

We went for a little walk up in the moors this morning. We walked to a toor which name we don't know close to burrator and sheepstor. The weather was lovely and sunny. On the way there we encountered numerous drivers who a) didn't know the size of their car b) didn't know how wide the road really was and/or c) when they should stop and let people who are already half way trough a narrow lane to drive trough before entering the same stretch of road. We saw lots of sheep and lambs and to my great delight some fauls. We had the digital camera with us and we snapped away, below are some of the photos for you all to see:
Dartmoor pony & faul

David and Moses, please note how obediently Moses is sitting down!

Laura and Moses, please note Moses had to be held in order to get a photo taken.

Moses looking very cute

Sheep and lamb tasting the local delights

The river we walked by for a while and tried to get Moses in(terested in)

Overall we had a lovely walk and now both David and Moses are fast a sleep. I am planning to go and plant some flowers in my hanging baskets. We went to the garden centre yesterday and got some lobelias, violas, margerithas (little daisy things) and pelagorniums and also couple of tumbling tomato plants.

We did our civic duty yesterday and voted in the local elections. Our candidate was Mr Chill-a-beer (I think it was spelled Shillabeer, but it's pretty close, isn't it!) Unfortunately he didn't get through a lady with less interesting surname got trough with 1094 votes agains his 819.

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