Thursday, May 25, 2006

:( snif snif :(

Mooses on syonny mun viimeisen Fazerin sinisen suklaa levyn :( Se oli yksin olohuoneessa viis minuuttia ja siina ajassa ehti loytaa mun suklaa levyn snif snif.... Paivi pliis tuo paljon suklaata sun mukana?????? Ja kaikki muut jotka saali mua mun suklaattomassa tilassa on vapaita lahettamaan mulle myos tosi paljon suklaata. (Englantilainen suklaa ei oo kovin hyvaa).

There has been a disaster...Moses has eaten my last bar of Finnish chocolate :( We've left it on top of something in the living room and when we turned our backs for 5 minutes he had found it. We realised it when we called him to come and eat his food and nothing happened, which is very unusual, came to investigate and heard a funny noise behind the sofa. Moses was licking his way through my chocolate bar!

So donations are collected either for flights to Finland so that I can finance a trip to buy some more chocolate (and see my lovely family) or in the form of Finnish chocolate, the more the better.

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