Saturday, May 20, 2006

It's raining, it's boring....

....the old man is snoring, went to bed, bumped his head, couldn't get up in the morning...

...yes, it is still raining here...and still windy...and still cold...but it is Saturday :) Moses woke us up in usual style around 7.30 this morning. We did some washing up in the mornign and cleared the kitchen so that David can make more mess there. We had lots of milk (forgot to leave a note for the milkman) so we had rice porridge for breakfast, very yammee, with cinnamon and sugar sprinkeled on the top.

David has spent the day preparing for his sermon, faith and the unprecedented, meanwhile I've been out walking. The weather is really windy and showery but we stayed dry. John and Anne had organised a walk for people at church but I think the windy and wintery weather had scared most people away so only the serious walkers turned up. We went to Noss Mayo, where Alan and Wanda joined us and walked around the headland which took us couple of hours.

Moses was getting very impatient waiting to go for his you can imagine. First I put him in a car and drove for a while and then when he gets out of the car, we are still in Plymouth and all we do is wait around for a while and get to an other car and drive a bit more. Then when we finally get somewhere where it looks like he could possibly walk/run somehwere the humans sit down and have some frustrating is that for a little puppy!

But now he is tired after all he exitement of taking seven humans for a walk, sniffing lots of lovely gate posts, picking up some sheep poo and deciding it doesn't taste good (but then trying it again five minutes later), eating some flowers, jumping up lots of humans walking hte other way, who foolishly gave him cuddles and called him cute when he did that, drank lots of water from puddles and generally just got muddy! But now he will hopefully sleep for most of the evening :)

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