Friday, May 12, 2006

It is Friday!

The week has gone pretty quickly and we have written hardly anything this week. We went up to the moors this morning to take the pooch for a walk, it was really nice. So quiet and empty - due to the fact that it was 7.30 in the morning! All the birds were signing and we saw only one other person when we were walking. I haven't been sleeping too well this week, because Moses has started getting up really really early and making lots of noises because the sun is up and he thinks we should be up too. Last night I put some blankets over the curtains to make sure no sun would get in and make him think it's time to get up. And it worked :) I am working from home today which is nice.

Apart from that, the most exiting news are one of my sisters, Eppu, is going to Brisbane, Australia for 6 months to do dts. That is so amazing! She is going in July and coming back in Decmeber. The course sounds pretty exiting and amazing - it's called beach to Eppu will come back in December and be nicely tanned and the rest of us are white as chalk :)

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