Tuesday, May 02, 2006

How to jump on the sofa

Moses has learned to jump on the sofa. I went to the kitchen to get something and when I got back he was happily sitting on the sofa looking very proud of himself and didn't seem to understand why he had to jump off it! Cruel mistress...He also managed to make a hole in his mat and stick his head trough it. It was quite amusing, seing him run around with this white fluffy train around his neck.

I had away day at work. It was really good and the food was brilliant so I was very very happy. It was good to hear other people's presentations and just had a chat about the everyday life of being a researcher. The man in a carpark was really nice, he was first going to point me to this place in the end of the narrow row of cars but had some second thoughts after realising that I was a girl and my car was on the big side and gave me a nice easy parkingspace next to the isle. I was very thankful, I had these horror images in my mind of me trying to park unsuccesfully and in the process reshaping couple of Audis (the row/isle between the car was really really narrow). But thanks to the parkinglotman's change of mind I had a nice easy place to park to and did it pretty well.

I have also come to the conclusion I am not loud enough, when we go for a walk and I call Moses, he doesn't even lift his head from the grass he is sniffing. Today we enhanced his hearing/obedience with using culinary rewards and there was a significant improvement onn his responsiveness. However I don't think Moses and I will ever be as famous as Pavlov and his dogs.

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