Tuesday, May 16, 2006

fruity information

My meeting this morning went well, it was quite daunting experience going to the chancellory but the meeting went ok. It was really nice, the reception ladies asked if I wanted to have a drink and when I left they said good bye to me and used my name. The downside of the meeting is I actually got quite a lot of work to do that is going to keep me busy for the next month and a half.

David had a busy day. He had Graham, David and Pete all come over during the day and when he wasn't 'entertaining' and making cups of tea/coffee he was doing diy and spending time on intternet finding all sorts of websites telling him why macs are better than pcs.

I went over to Angelas tonight and had a fun time with her preparing the craft for kids church on Sunday. The plan is to do a collage of pictures cut out from magazines (we couldn't come up with an idea of a craft that would represent 'God is my healer') so we had jolly time going through pile of magazines and cutting out lots of pictures. And we also learned all sorts of interesting things from the magazines like there are black tomatoes (they are called kumatos and they are fromt eh Galapagos islands), bananas are world's fourth largest fruitcrop, kiwi fruits are grown in Italy and they have even tried growing them on the Channel Islands, Brazil is world's largest orange producer and 85% of them are made into juice...lots of very interesting information...also if you have a pond and the water is not very clear, you can put some watercress in to clear the water.

David played football tonight and sounds like they had a good time running around. Moses had a lonely evening but he was ok when we came home, very happy to see us. He is dozing off on the floor now.

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