Monday, May 15, 2006

Errare humanum est = ups

There is something very funny going on in my hotmail inbox. David had this brilliant idea of trying to forward all my hotmail messages to the mail programme on our lovely apple. Unfortunately microsoft are very evil and they don't allow you to do this unless you pay them lots of money. However my wonderful husband came up with a lovely idea of forwarding the emails to a different email address and then downloading them from there to mail. However two problems occurred while David was attempting this: a) the email address he forwarded the messages to thought they were junk and returned them to sender and b) David forgot to tick the box that says keep the original message...So my inbox has 300 odd messages from postmaster@xxxemailaccount subject undeliverable message and all my old messages have been deleted. It is not the end of the world, I have got all the messages there, the problem is I don't know which one is which because they all have the same title heading and are from the same sender! It is quite amusing and I had a good laugh over it. I am useless at deleting old messages so in a way it has saved me from doing that.

We've had a lovely evening, some friends came over for dinner. Moses got very very exited about seeing them and spend the first half of the evening getting very very hyper. It was good to just chill out together and chat. They've just gone and David jumped to the shower so It thought I'd do a quick update on life.

I've got a meeting tomorrow about one of the projects I am working on. It's with the old dean of our faculty who is now pro vice chancellor so I'll hopefully get a nice cup of tea there :) and I think I have to kind of look smart as I am going to the chancellory...

I did the talk on Sunday at church and that was good fun. I wondered of my notes couple of times and afterwards remembered quite a few things I forgot to mention but I think it went ok. David thinks it went really well. And I had fun doing so I think it is ok. My topic was faith and trials and it was really interesting preparing for it and reading all these cool bible passages from James and corinthians etc.

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