Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cup of tea

There is nothing nicer than a cup of tea first thing in the morning. You are sitting under your duvert and clutching a steaming cup of tea :) that is a way to start a day. We've been out with Moses quite a few times over the weekend. He is getting better with other dogs, he says hello and then walks on rather than spending the next five-ten minutes playing with them. He has
also discovered that water is not that bad. He still doesn't like getting his tummy wet but he is quite happy to go in and walk around in the shallow. Here's a picture of him trying to dry himself like a cat...

There was some football on yesterday. Very very exiting. It was the FA cup final and Liverpool beat West Ham on penalties. David was very happy. It was a brilliant match, much more interesting than last years final between Arsenal and ManU. Last year neither one of the teams deserved to win, this year both of them deserved to win.

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