Thursday, May 18, 2006

Court experience

One of the projects I am involved with at work I got to go to the magistrates court yesterday. It was very interesting and very scary. It wasn't very pleasant place to go to. I hope I get to interview the solicitors and magistrates rather than the offenders because they looked very petrifying. The project is evaluating a advisory service at the court for low risk offenders. Based on my limited experience, I wouldn't recommend commiting any crimes, it was not very pleasant place and they served coffee in plastic cups.

It is still raining in Plymouth. Throuroughly miserable weather. We watched the champions league final yesterday as well and unfortunately Arsenal didn't win. David had a very 'helpful' comment to Tony afterwards pointing out that Arsenal just weren't as good as Liverpool...

David is speaking in church on Sunday but Moses got hold of his notes and they are in tiny little shreds of paper now! Very holy dog, he knows all about faith and the unpresidented now :)

We also have some sad news, our washing machine has died, again. It was only fixed couple of months ago and it looks like the same thing is wrong with it again. David is going to have a look of it and see if he can get it going again. I htink the best I can do to help is to pra God to send some angels to fix it, it has worked with the boiler so why not with the washing machine.

We went out for a meal with John and Ann tonight which was really lovely. Thursday nights they have a steak special in the Marian Club in the Barbican/Sutton harbour so we went and took advantage of that. The lovely thing was that when you ordered a medium rare stake you actually got a medium rare stake. It was very yammee. It was a lovely evening talking about dogs and prophetic words and all that sort of stuff.

On other news, apple have released their new laptops and they even have a black one. On the way to Barbican i got a lecture on the differences of the intel processors (in the new macs) and the powermac processors (in the old ones, if I remember right) and how that all relates to teh available software and a new operating system that is going to be released in some time, couple of years (??). And I only asked if the new ones looked like the old ones...

It looks like David has got the washing machine fixed, without my prayers. Some electical connection from/to the motor was loose and that's why it wasnt' spinning.

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