Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Catch up on the weekend

So the weekend is over, it went really really quickly...just like they usually do. We arrived to Dan and Lil's Friday some point early evening. We had lovely dinner together chatting and drinking wine. It was so nice to see them for a long time. On Saturday we explored to Brighton, saw the pier, had lunch in city centre and just wandered around. Watched a juggler (not sure on the spelling) for a while which was fun, he was quite good. In the evening ate, chatted and drank some more :)

On Sunday we went to the beach, the sun was out but it was a bit windy but it was very lovely. Isabella went for a little puddle in a pool and we all chips after that. In the afternoon we did some babysitting while Dan and Lil went and did some evangelism. We also got to watch Barbie in the Nutcracker which was surprisingly good!

I think the nicest part of the weekend was just spending time together and chatting about everything and anything. We spent lots of time sitting around the dinner table, talking and enjoying Lil's amazing cooking. It was just good to talk about what was going on and what's God doing in our lives. Very exiting and encouraging.

We headed back to Dorset around lunch time. Did a little tour via the New Forrest which was lovely. We had dinner with David's parents and Mark and then headed back to Plymouth. There was a gorgeous sunset to admire most of the way and roads were pretty empty. We had a flat tyre just before the curvy part of the road outside Honiton. But my handy husband changed the tyre in no time at all. Now we just need to remember to get the spare tyre fixed.

Moses gave us suitably exited and loving welcome. He had enjoyed his weekend a lot, walks, lots of cuddles and garden to run around in. He had helped with some gardening and done lots of digging. He had also been given a new bone, a juicy fresh one...and it was discovered that he is very possessive over his bone. I have a wounded thumb and David'd mum has a biten finger as well. So the next lesson for the pooch to learn is to give his bone away happily!

We got two new cds last week and we spend pretty much all the journey listening to them. We tried Johnny Cash once but apart from that and little bit of Delirious (for the last hour of the return journey) the car music was Todd Agnew (Grace like rain - amazing, the more I listen to it, the more I like it) and Jason Upton (Dying star - also amazing and incredible).
Exploring the windy Brighton pier.

Just to prove we were there!

The beach huts :)

My handsome husband! xxx

Moses: keep away from my bone!!!!

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