Friday, May 26, 2006

Brighton here we come

We are in Woodlands at the moment, jsut had some lunch with David's parents, took the dogs out for a little wonder and are about to continue our journey to see Dan & Lil for the weekend. Moses is staying at David's parents for the weekend, hopefully behaving himself! Moses and Kinza (David's mum's dog) are unfortunately best of friends so there is occasional growling and barking between them, but hopefully they'll come to mutual tolerance over the weekend...otherwise it is going to be a noisy weekend here at Qualmoor!

Weather is clearing up so there is still some hope for sunshine :) We had planned to drive up last night but David's sink fitting took longer than expected and we drove down this morning.

We've also just realised that we (I) didn't pack the powerlead with the computer so the updates over the weekend are very unlikely to happen.

We are really exited about spending a weekend with the lovely Saphorgan family. We have been getting exited about for the last couple of weeks!

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