Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fiddly cooking

There seems to be generally established idea that lasagne is one of the fiddliest things to cook. It's time consuming, makes lots of washing up etc. I have found a serious contestant for lasagne which I think is even more time consuming to pie. You make the mash, you boil the eggs, you poach the fish and make the white sauce = 4 saucepans and lasagne you only have two saucepans, one for the bolognese and one for the cheese sauce. But fishpie does taste good so I think it is worth the effort!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Catch up on the weekend

So the weekend is over, it went really really quickly...just like they usually do. We arrived to Dan and Lil's Friday some point early evening. We had lovely dinner together chatting and drinking wine. It was so nice to see them for a long time. On Saturday we explored to Brighton, saw the pier, had lunch in city centre and just wandered around. Watched a juggler (not sure on the spelling) for a while which was fun, he was quite good. In the evening ate, chatted and drank some more :)

On Sunday we went to the beach, the sun was out but it was a bit windy but it was very lovely. Isabella went for a little puddle in a pool and we all chips after that. In the afternoon we did some babysitting while Dan and Lil went and did some evangelism. We also got to watch Barbie in the Nutcracker which was surprisingly good!

I think the nicest part of the weekend was just spending time together and chatting about everything and anything. We spent lots of time sitting around the dinner table, talking and enjoying Lil's amazing cooking. It was just good to talk about what was going on and what's God doing in our lives. Very exiting and encouraging.

We headed back to Dorset around lunch time. Did a little tour via the New Forrest which was lovely. We had dinner with David's parents and Mark and then headed back to Plymouth. There was a gorgeous sunset to admire most of the way and roads were pretty empty. We had a flat tyre just before the curvy part of the road outside Honiton. But my handy husband changed the tyre in no time at all. Now we just need to remember to get the spare tyre fixed.

Moses gave us suitably exited and loving welcome. He had enjoyed his weekend a lot, walks, lots of cuddles and garden to run around in. He had helped with some gardening and done lots of digging. He had also been given a new bone, a juicy fresh one...and it was discovered that he is very possessive over his bone. I have a wounded thumb and David'd mum has a biten finger as well. So the next lesson for the pooch to learn is to give his bone away happily!

We got two new cds last week and we spend pretty much all the journey listening to them. We tried Johnny Cash once but apart from that and little bit of Delirious (for the last hour of the return journey) the car music was Todd Agnew (Grace like rain - amazing, the more I listen to it, the more I like it) and Jason Upton (Dying star - also amazing and incredible).
Exploring the windy Brighton pier.

Just to prove we were there!

The beach huts :)

My handsome husband! xxx

Moses: keep away from my bone!!!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Brighton here we come

We are in Woodlands at the moment, jsut had some lunch with David's parents, took the dogs out for a little wonder and are about to continue our journey to see Dan & Lil for the weekend. Moses is staying at David's parents for the weekend, hopefully behaving himself! Moses and Kinza (David's mum's dog) are unfortunately best of friends so there is occasional growling and barking between them, but hopefully they'll come to mutual tolerance over the weekend...otherwise it is going to be a noisy weekend here at Qualmoor!

Weather is clearing up so there is still some hope for sunshine :) We had planned to drive up last night but David's sink fitting took longer than expected and we drove down this morning.

We've also just realised that we (I) didn't pack the powerlead with the computer so the updates over the weekend are very unlikely to happen.

We are really exited about spending a weekend with the lovely Saphorgan family. We have been getting exited about for the last couple of weeks!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

:( snif snif :(

Mooses on syonny mun viimeisen Fazerin sinisen suklaa levyn :( Se oli yksin olohuoneessa viis minuuttia ja siina ajassa ehti loytaa mun suklaa levyn snif snif.... Paivi pliis tuo paljon suklaata sun mukana?????? Ja kaikki muut jotka saali mua mun suklaattomassa tilassa on vapaita lahettamaan mulle myos tosi paljon suklaata. (Englantilainen suklaa ei oo kovin hyvaa).

There has been a disaster...Moses has eaten my last bar of Finnish chocolate :( We've left it on top of something in the living room and when we turned our backs for 5 minutes he had found it. We realised it when we called him to come and eat his food and nothing happened, which is very unusual, came to investigate and heard a funny noise behind the sofa. Moses was licking his way through my chocolate bar!

So donations are collected either for flights to Finland so that I can finance a trip to buy some more chocolate (and see my lovely family) or in the form of Finnish chocolate, the more the better.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Walking in the bubblegum woods

We went for a walk with Moses yesterday in the Plymwoods. It was amazing, it has been raining like crazy the last couple of days and the river was overflowing with water, it looked incredible! The wind was coming from the right direction (Wrigleys factory) and the woods had distinctive fragrance/smell of spearmint about it. It was a quite amusing...I am just extremely thankful that we don't live next door to the factory, I think the smell would get quite tiring!

We had lovely dinner with Gaenor and Rob after we had exercised the pooch. Gaenor had cooked amazing roast and really yammee breadsauce. It was really nice to catch up with them.

We have no sink at the moment. David finally got the worktop to go to the other side of the kitchen and has started fitting it in. He was temping today so the only time he can do it is in the evening. He has cut it to the right size and it's all level and I think hopefully tomorrow he will fit the sink back in.

I quite liked the picture of ducklings above. The butterfly had apparently tried to land on one of their heads and they were trying to fight it off.

Monday, May 22, 2006

What is love?

Yesterday evening, after David went to cinema, I found this note in the bathroom... very romantic! It must be love!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Where is the summer?

The weather is still miserable and rainy. This morning when we went to church it was nearly stormy. It should be nice and sunny. On the left is a nice and sunny picture pretty much exactly year ago, when we were in Toronto and it was nice and warm - ice cream weather.

We've had pretty good weekend. David has finished the worktop in the kitchen and it is looking very smart. So far the whole kitchen has cost us 14 pounds and it has doubled in storage place. Room for more mugs and things :) Now we (David) needs to finish the worktop on the other side around the sink and then do some tiling and then it is all done.

We went to see the youngest miss Taylor yesterday but she was asleep so we didn't get an audience with her - but we saw lots of pictures of her and she looks very cute and gorgeous. We had lovely time with Paul and Nicky, drinking nice wine and chatting. Their new sanded floor in the hall that looks really nice...very scandinavian!

There were lots of people at church which was nice, Dee lead worship which was brilliant. I was doign the kids church so I disappeared with them downstairs after a while. I read the story of Jesus healing the blind man, Bartolomeus. It was quite fun asking the kids questions if they knew what blind was etc. Hannah asked me why Moses wasn't in church...Larissa had a cough so we prayed for her, putting our story to practice :) After that we has some crafty time, cutting out pictures from magazines and gluing them on piece of card. Glue went everywhere but the kids seemed to enjoy it. We played some games, it was very amusing, we tried musical chairs but they didn't seem too bothered about winning, they were just happy to run around when the music was on and then sit on the chairs for a while!

David and Meg came around for lunch after church. After eating for a long long time we took the pooch for a walk up the estuary which he seemed to appreciate. And now he is sleeping happily. David and Tony have gone to the cinema to see MI3, I was too lazy to go and am sitting happily on the sofa writing this and watching topgear. This week's challenge was rather amusing, they had to turn cars in to cars that go on road and water (amphipious car or someting like that) it was very amusing to watch! Two out of three sunk (old campervan that was turned into a canal boat and american style van with huge engine) where as an old car turned into sailing boat managed to make it all the way across the 2 mile reservoir.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

It's raining, it's boring....

....the old man is snoring, went to bed, bumped his head, couldn't get up in the morning...

...yes, it is still raining here...and still windy...and still cold...but it is Saturday :) Moses woke us up in usual style around 7.30 this morning. We did some washing up in the mornign and cleared the kitchen so that David can make more mess there. We had lots of milk (forgot to leave a note for the milkman) so we had rice porridge for breakfast, very yammee, with cinnamon and sugar sprinkeled on the top.

David has spent the day preparing for his sermon, faith and the unprecedented, meanwhile I've been out walking. The weather is really windy and showery but we stayed dry. John and Anne had organised a walk for people at church but I think the windy and wintery weather had scared most people away so only the serious walkers turned up. We went to Noss Mayo, where Alan and Wanda joined us and walked around the headland which took us couple of hours.

Moses was getting very impatient waiting to go for his you can imagine. First I put him in a car and drove for a while and then when he gets out of the car, we are still in Plymouth and all we do is wait around for a while and get to an other car and drive a bit more. Then when we finally get somewhere where it looks like he could possibly walk/run somehwere the humans sit down and have some frustrating is that for a little puppy!

But now he is tired after all he exitement of taking seven humans for a walk, sniffing lots of lovely gate posts, picking up some sheep poo and deciding it doesn't taste good (but then trying it again five minutes later), eating some flowers, jumping up lots of humans walking hte other way, who foolishly gave him cuddles and called him cute when he did that, drank lots of water from puddles and generally just got muddy! But now he will hopefully sleep for most of the evening :)

Uitettu koira

Ma kavin eilen Mooseksen kanssa kavelylla illan suussa. Taalla oli oikea kaato sade ja Mooses rukka naytti ihan uitetulta koiralta! Mutta sita ei sade pahemmin haitannu, se haisteli ilosesti ruohoa ja yritti syoda kaikkea mahdollista matkan varrella. Tanaan ilma on vahan parempi mutta vielakin aika viilee. Ei tunnu ollenkaan kevaiselta enneminkin lokakuulta - kylmaa, markaa, sateista ja tuulista :(

Me on katsottu extra pitkat taru sormuksen herrasta dvd:t parin viime viikon aikana, ne on niin pitkia et niita ei oikein yhdessa illassa voi katsoa. Me lainattiin ne David veljelta n. kuukaus sitten ja vihdoin ja viimein eilen illalla katottiin niista viimenen! Oli ne ihan hyvia mutta ma luulen et ma oon ihan tyytyvainen tavalliseen versioon tulevaisuudessa.

Ulkona sataa taas...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Court experience

One of the projects I am involved with at work I got to go to the magistrates court yesterday. It was very interesting and very scary. It wasn't very pleasant place to go to. I hope I get to interview the solicitors and magistrates rather than the offenders because they looked very petrifying. The project is evaluating a advisory service at the court for low risk offenders. Based on my limited experience, I wouldn't recommend commiting any crimes, it was not very pleasant place and they served coffee in plastic cups.

It is still raining in Plymouth. Throuroughly miserable weather. We watched the champions league final yesterday as well and unfortunately Arsenal didn't win. David had a very 'helpful' comment to Tony afterwards pointing out that Arsenal just weren't as good as Liverpool...

David is speaking in church on Sunday but Moses got hold of his notes and they are in tiny little shreds of paper now! Very holy dog, he knows all about faith and the unpresidented now :)

We also have some sad news, our washing machine has died, again. It was only fixed couple of months ago and it looks like the same thing is wrong with it again. David is going to have a look of it and see if he can get it going again. I htink the best I can do to help is to pra God to send some angels to fix it, it has worked with the boiler so why not with the washing machine.

We went out for a meal with John and Ann tonight which was really lovely. Thursday nights they have a steak special in the Marian Club in the Barbican/Sutton harbour so we went and took advantage of that. The lovely thing was that when you ordered a medium rare stake you actually got a medium rare stake. It was very yammee. It was a lovely evening talking about dogs and prophetic words and all that sort of stuff.

On other news, apple have released their new laptops and they even have a black one. On the way to Barbican i got a lecture on the differences of the intel processors (in the new macs) and the powermac processors (in the old ones, if I remember right) and how that all relates to teh available software and a new operating system that is going to be released in some time, couple of years (??). And I only asked if the new ones looked like the old ones...

It looks like David has got the washing machine fixed, without my prayers. Some electical connection from/to the motor was loose and that's why it wasnt' spinning.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

fruity information

My meeting this morning went well, it was quite daunting experience going to the chancellory but the meeting went ok. It was really nice, the reception ladies asked if I wanted to have a drink and when I left they said good bye to me and used my name. The downside of the meeting is I actually got quite a lot of work to do that is going to keep me busy for the next month and a half.

David had a busy day. He had Graham, David and Pete all come over during the day and when he wasn't 'entertaining' and making cups of tea/coffee he was doing diy and spending time on intternet finding all sorts of websites telling him why macs are better than pcs.

I went over to Angelas tonight and had a fun time with her preparing the craft for kids church on Sunday. The plan is to do a collage of pictures cut out from magazines (we couldn't come up with an idea of a craft that would represent 'God is my healer') so we had jolly time going through pile of magazines and cutting out lots of pictures. And we also learned all sorts of interesting things from the magazines like there are black tomatoes (they are called kumatos and they are fromt eh Galapagos islands), bananas are world's fourth largest fruitcrop, kiwi fruits are grown in Italy and they have even tried growing them on the Channel Islands, Brazil is world's largest orange producer and 85% of them are made into juice...lots of very interesting information...also if you have a pond and the water is not very clear, you can put some watercress in to clear the water.

David played football tonight and sounds like they had a good time running around. Moses had a lonely evening but he was ok when we came home, very happy to see us. He is dozing off on the floor now.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Errare humanum est = ups

There is something very funny going on in my hotmail inbox. David had this brilliant idea of trying to forward all my hotmail messages to the mail programme on our lovely apple. Unfortunately microsoft are very evil and they don't allow you to do this unless you pay them lots of money. However my wonderful husband came up with a lovely idea of forwarding the emails to a different email address and then downloading them from there to mail. However two problems occurred while David was attempting this: a) the email address he forwarded the messages to thought they were junk and returned them to sender and b) David forgot to tick the box that says keep the original message...So my inbox has 300 odd messages from postmaster@xxxemailaccount subject undeliverable message and all my old messages have been deleted. It is not the end of the world, I have got all the messages there, the problem is I don't know which one is which because they all have the same title heading and are from the same sender! It is quite amusing and I had a good laugh over it. I am useless at deleting old messages so in a way it has saved me from doing that.

We've had a lovely evening, some friends came over for dinner. Moses got very very exited about seeing them and spend the first half of the evening getting very very hyper. It was good to just chill out together and chat. They've just gone and David jumped to the shower so It thought I'd do a quick update on life.

I've got a meeting tomorrow about one of the projects I am working on. It's with the old dean of our faculty who is now pro vice chancellor so I'll hopefully get a nice cup of tea there :) and I think I have to kind of look smart as I am going to the chancellory...

I did the talk on Sunday at church and that was good fun. I wondered of my notes couple of times and afterwards remembered quite a few things I forgot to mention but I think it went ok. David thinks it went really well. And I had fun doing so I think it is ok. My topic was faith and trials and it was really interesting preparing for it and reading all these cool bible passages from James and corinthians etc.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cup of tea

There is nothing nicer than a cup of tea first thing in the morning. You are sitting under your duvert and clutching a steaming cup of tea :) that is a way to start a day. We've been out with Moses quite a few times over the weekend. He is getting better with other dogs, he says hello and then walks on rather than spending the next five-ten minutes playing with them. He has
also discovered that water is not that bad. He still doesn't like getting his tummy wet but he is quite happy to go in and walk around in the shallow. Here's a picture of him trying to dry himself like a cat...

There was some football on yesterday. Very very exiting. It was the FA cup final and Liverpool beat West Ham on penalties. David was very happy. It was a brilliant match, much more interesting than last years final between Arsenal and ManU. Last year neither one of the teams deserved to win, this year both of them deserved to win.

Friday, May 12, 2006

It is Friday!

The week has gone pretty quickly and we have written hardly anything this week. We went up to the moors this morning to take the pooch for a walk, it was really nice. So quiet and empty - due to the fact that it was 7.30 in the morning! All the birds were signing and we saw only one other person when we were walking. I haven't been sleeping too well this week, because Moses has started getting up really really early and making lots of noises because the sun is up and he thinks we should be up too. Last night I put some blankets over the curtains to make sure no sun would get in and make him think it's time to get up. And it worked :) I am working from home today which is nice.

Apart from that, the most exiting news are one of my sisters, Eppu, is going to Brisbane, Australia for 6 months to do dts. That is so amazing! She is going in July and coming back in Decmeber. The course sounds pretty exiting and amazing - it's called beach to Eppu will come back in December and be nicely tanned and the rest of us are white as chalk :)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Just a quick hello to say we are still alive. We went to Dartmouth tonight to see David's parents who had sailed down there. Had a busy weekend doing lots of things which most of them I can't remember now. Went to Nathan's birthday party on Friday which was brilliant, Tony came over on saturday and we had a bbq and on Sunday David headed to the pub with Tony to watch the last premiership matches of the season. In the evening we had a lovely roast at Diane's. I think that's pretty much all we did apart from couple of walks with Moses and few visits to the diy shops. Pretty tired now so it's time to go to bed. Hyveli Yoteli!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Some photos of our morning walk

We went for a little walk up in the moors this morning. We walked to a toor which name we don't know close to burrator and sheepstor. The weather was lovely and sunny. On the way there we encountered numerous drivers who a) didn't know the size of their car b) didn't know how wide the road really was and/or c) when they should stop and let people who are already half way trough a narrow lane to drive trough before entering the same stretch of road. We saw lots of sheep and lambs and to my great delight some fauls. We had the digital camera with us and we snapped away, below are some of the photos for you all to see:
Dartmoor pony & faul

David and Moses, please note how obediently Moses is sitting down!

Laura and Moses, please note Moses had to be held in order to get a photo taken.

Moses looking very cute

Sheep and lamb tasting the local delights

The river we walked by for a while and tried to get Moses in(terested in)

Overall we had a lovely walk and now both David and Moses are fast a sleep. I am planning to go and plant some flowers in my hanging baskets. We went to the garden centre yesterday and got some lobelias, violas, margerithas (little daisy things) and pelagorniums and also couple of tumbling tomato plants.

We did our civic duty yesterday and voted in the local elections. Our candidate was Mr Chill-a-beer (I think it was spelled Shillabeer, but it's pretty close, isn't it!) Unfortunately he didn't get through a lady with less interesting surname got trough with 1094 votes agains his 819.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Our vocabulary recently has consisted of the above. What I have discovered is on how many different ways you can say the above. It usually starts quite stern but restrained no etc, if that has no effect, the volume and intensity increases, finally if that is not listened to and responded to by our little furry friend the volume usually is at the maximum level with extremely seriously looking facial expression (i.e. glare) accompinying the command. Unfortunately Moses does not always perceive when we are being serious - very problematic. But we live in faith that he will learn...hopefully as soon as possible!!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

How to jump on the sofa

Moses has learned to jump on the sofa. I went to the kitchen to get something and when I got back he was happily sitting on the sofa looking very proud of himself and didn't seem to understand why he had to jump off it! Cruel mistress...He also managed to make a hole in his mat and stick his head trough it. It was quite amusing, seing him run around with this white fluffy train around his neck.

I had away day at work. It was really good and the food was brilliant so I was very very happy. It was good to hear other people's presentations and just had a chat about the everyday life of being a researcher. The man in a carpark was really nice, he was first going to point me to this place in the end of the narrow row of cars but had some second thoughts after realising that I was a girl and my car was on the big side and gave me a nice easy parkingspace next to the isle. I was very thankful, I had these horror images in my mind of me trying to park unsuccesfully and in the process reshaping couple of Audis (the row/isle between the car was really really narrow). But thanks to the parkinglotman's change of mind I had a nice easy place to park to and did it pretty well.

I have also come to the conclusion I am not loud enough, when we go for a walk and I call Moses, he doesn't even lift his head from the grass he is sniffing. Today we enhanced his hearing/obedience with using culinary rewards and there was a significant improvement onn his responsiveness. However I don't think Moses and I will ever be as famous as Pavlov and his dogs.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Sunshine, coffee and ice cream

Today the weather has been surpringly good and BBC weather forecast wrong as usual. I was very very sleepy in the morning and got cruelly forced out of bed by David at 10.30 when he stole the duvert and squerted me with some cold water. Moses let us sleep this morning and didn't make any noises or whimpering - there is still some hope for lazy Saturday mornings. We had fry up (-sausages) for breakfast, walked down to Barbican and met Mister T for coffee & cake. We sat outside in the vain hope that it was nice and warm. We didn't freeze but it wasn't as hot as I had expected. Moses behaved himeself quite well, lots of interesting noises around. After our lovley cakes we walked towards Hoe, Tony kindly bought us ice cream. Mine was very yammee, Langage farm's rasberries and cream :)

On our way back Tony did his good deed of the day and helped some poor lady to push her car up the hill, very inconvinient place to break down. While Tony was saving the day, we got surrounded by this family who adored Moses and all wanted to give him cuddles. I have come to the conlusion that you meet all sorts of people you never met before because you have a dog. Random people just come up to you and start talking or cuddling your dog.

When we got home, Moses collapsed totally. The exitement of walking in town with lots of people around him had been too much for him. I finished the cover for the footstool that has needed doing for the last couple of months, David watched the snooker and Tony booked some flights to go to Ireland to his friends wedding.

Bankholidays are always too short, they are lovely but they go so quickly. Back to work tomorrow, we've got away day for researchers tomorrow in Buckfast Abbey. I need to give a presentation which I am a bit worried about but there are not too many people there so it is not too formal. Not really sure what to wear yet, if the weather is sunny, suit might be too warm...hmmm....I have got some time to think about it.