Sunday, April 23, 2006

Where did the sun go

We had a lovely time with David's parents yesterday and Friday night. Had a little saga with putting credit on wrong phone so we didn't get to leave untill gone seven and didn't arrive there untill closer to 9. Added to leaving late we chose the wrong queue at the petrol station and spent 15 minutes waiting to buy some diesel. But the sun was shining and it was really really warm so we didn't really mind.
On satruday we had a nice and lazy morning, apart from being woken up by Moses making noises in the kitchen before 7AM. Had a late breakfast and after that went to Ringwood to get some walking boots for me, belated birthday present from David's parents. This shop is amazing, they spend literally hours making sure that you've got a boot that suits your needs and your feet. Their customer service is excellent and they know what they are talking about. You get your feet measured, then they ask what kind of walking you need the boots for etc. After that you just try lots of different boots on, walk up and down a slope to see how well they fit and once you find a pair that is good you take a little walk up the road to see how they feel outside. I don't think I exactly took hours but it was probably closer to 30+ minutes. And I've got some fancy socks and liners to go with the boots as well. I am a proud and happy owner of walking boots :) Now we just need to go and do some hiking to test them properly.

After shoe shopping we went for a nice walk in the woods (and I wore my new boots). Spring is defintely here, there were lots of primroses, wood anemones and wood sorrels, even the first bluebells were starting to come out. Kinza (David's Mum's Dog) was not too keen on Moses and there was lots of growling and barking that took place between them. Moses thought it was a brilliant game and Kinza was petrified of him and surprised that he wasn't scared of her growling. Hopefully they will get on a bit better next time. However when we went for a walk they were tolerant of each other and we had a lovely walk in the woods. Moses discovered puddles, especially muddy puddles so we had to give him a quick wash when we got back. After the walk we had some lunch, sitting outside in the sun :) On the way to Ringwood we stopped at farmers market in Verwood and got some smoked trout and pork pie for lunch. I'd never had pork pie before and I don't think I will run to the shop and buy it. I think the taste was wasted on me, David loved it and was very happy to finish my piece while I enjoyed the trout. We drove back after lunch and got to Plymouth around 6.

In the evening we went to see Nathan who had cooked an amazing dinner. We had really nice time with friends we hadn't seen for a while. In the course of the evening we had a look trough some old photos which was fun.

So yesterday the weatehr was nice, warm, sunny and gorgeous. Today the weatehr is grey, grimm and miserable. Just as we thought the spring was finally here :( David and Tony have just taken Moses out for a walk. They had planned to watch the football this afternoon but it wasn't on tv so instead we've had fry-up for lunch and have been tasting different flavours of jaffa cakes and come to the conclusion the original ones are the best. For the rest of the evening we haven't really got much planned apart from relaxing.

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