Tuesday, April 25, 2006


We watched some football tonight. Arsenal vs Villarreal, the champion's league semi final. To our great delight Arsenal won but we thought the referee was rubbish and that villarreal's players weren't very gentlemanly and sporting. But everything was well in the end especially when Jens Lehman, Arsenals goalkeeper, saved a penalty, which shouldn't have been a penalty (because the referee was rubbish).

Anyway apart from football, david has been working hard in the kitchen today, putting up some cupboards - not cooking :( We went and spent some money on Moses, he now has a cage, which he seems to love and 15 kg of dog food, which he definitely loves. Now we are waiting for the breadmaker to finish so we can go to bed, only an other 10 minutes to go.

Good night! Hyveli yoteli!

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