Sunday, April 30, 2006

Career change to naval architect

I started my day today by building a ship, or I started it with cup of tea but the first thing I did after getting up was to build a ship. David climbed to the loft to get some cardboard boxes and out of the cardboard I created a beautiful ship called Faith. We were doing the story of Peter walking on water in family service and we used the ship as a prop. She was very beautiful ship completed with a mast, mainsail and two paddle things. We had good fun in church, worship was fun and ship was greatly approved by the children and it even lasted pretty much the whole service :)

After church we took Moses out to the beach and that also gave us a chance to work off some of the lovely puddings we had at David's parents prepared by Mark. Our weekend has been pretty good foodwise so far, roast turkey on Friday night followed by an applepie, more turkey, lovley organic beetroots, potato salad & cheese for a lunch on Saturday with fruit salad with mango and pineapple etc as a desert and yammee soup with some of Mark's amazing homemade baguettes for dinner followed by a cheesecake. Tonight we had a curry and custard tart. Definitely not going hungry. We went to Wonwell beach and Moses seemed to like it, he didn't mind going to the water too much, managed to find a half eaten carrot he carried around for a while and nearly destroyed somebody's picnic by barging in (luckily they didn't mind and their food was safe). So overall Moses had a good time.

We were pretty tired after that and collapsed on the sofa for a while and watched chitty chitty bang bang and had some tea and Finnish chocolate. Sven and Almuth came around for dinner and we had nice time with them. Moses behaved pretty well, he got very exited with chasing a ball. Now we are very very tired and need lots of sleep, we didn't get back untill 11+ yesterday and got up early today to build up the ship. I don't think my career change is permanent, but it was good fun.

Just a thought, in order to walk on water
you need to get out of the boat first.

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