Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The begining of the Lindseys Blog!

This is the official opening of the Lindsey's blog. We are having a slight dispute over of what to say here but I think the general idea is to say welcome! We hope to keep you updated on our very exiting lives.

The most exciting thing that has happened to us in the last couple of months is that we recently became the owners of a puppy. We named him Moses (before the actress named her son Moses) and he is very cute. He is also very naughty and we are forever saying “Moses No”. This gets quite repetitive...however we love him very much and he is very lovely. He has these mad phases usually about 5pm and runs around our little house. He doesn’t appear to have any sense of feeling because he has the ability to run into doors, us, table legs etc, at considerable speed, and not get hurt. He also thinks we and any visitors - You have been warned!!! - don’t have any feeling either and proceeds to nip and bites us during these crazy phases (we hope that this will be trained out of him ASAP, hopefully before all our socks have holes in them). Another characteristic of Moses is, he has no fear unlike the biblical character and our Moses will say hello to anyone, any dog, any size and the initial hello is usually followed by a paw on the nose if you’re a dog or jumping up and a bark if you’re a human.

So that is a little taster of our little pup. He is 14 weeks old full of energy and fur. And he will probably feature in great detail in the postings to come.

That’s about enough for now.

The end.

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Anonymous said...

heii :)

Laitan nyt suomeks, ku en jaksa vaivata paatani englanniks ;)

Tosi kiva kun ootte tehny tallasen.. taahan on nyt in tai ainakin on ollut aiemmin :D haha. ei vais, tosi hieno juttu :)

Alkaa vaa unohtako paivitttaa tata.. ku aika kateva tallane tosiaa o, jos sielt sillee suht saannollisesti tulee uutta tekstii.

Nojoo. taalla sataa vetta. ja mulla on siivouspaiva. tai ainaki pitais koittaa.. Mmhh :) nojoo.

Be blessed!!!!