Sunday, April 30, 2006

Career change to naval architect

I started my day today by building a ship, or I started it with cup of tea but the first thing I did after getting up was to build a ship. David climbed to the loft to get some cardboard boxes and out of the cardboard I created a beautiful ship called Faith. We were doing the story of Peter walking on water in family service and we used the ship as a prop. She was very beautiful ship completed with a mast, mainsail and two paddle things. We had good fun in church, worship was fun and ship was greatly approved by the children and it even lasted pretty much the whole service :)

After church we took Moses out to the beach and that also gave us a chance to work off some of the lovely puddings we had at David's parents prepared by Mark. Our weekend has been pretty good foodwise so far, roast turkey on Friday night followed by an applepie, more turkey, lovley organic beetroots, potato salad & cheese for a lunch on Saturday with fruit salad with mango and pineapple etc as a desert and yammee soup with some of Mark's amazing homemade baguettes for dinner followed by a cheesecake. Tonight we had a curry and custard tart. Definitely not going hungry. We went to Wonwell beach and Moses seemed to like it, he didn't mind going to the water too much, managed to find a half eaten carrot he carried around for a while and nearly destroyed somebody's picnic by barging in (luckily they didn't mind and their food was safe). So overall Moses had a good time.

We were pretty tired after that and collapsed on the sofa for a while and watched chitty chitty bang bang and had some tea and Finnish chocolate. Sven and Almuth came around for dinner and we had nice time with them. Moses behaved pretty well, he got very exited with chasing a ball. Now we are very very tired and need lots of sleep, we didn't get back untill 11+ yesterday and got up early today to build up the ship. I don't think my career change is permanent, but it was good fun.

Just a thought, in order to walk on water
you need to get out of the boat first.

Friday, April 28, 2006


I can smell roast turkey, roast parsnips and potatoes :) Alltogether lovely smell. We are up at David's parents, Amy drove down for a weekend so we are all here and are about to have a great feast. Mark is just carving the turkey so we are about to eat. Moses nearly gogt lucky and got some turkey when no-one was looking.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My 'greatest' achievement today

My greatest achievement today at work was acquiring a memory stick. My u-drive is full, thanks to my lovely big databases, and I emailed the computer people at uni to see if they could enlarge the size of my u-drive space but they couldn't so they suggested getting a memory stick. I emailed the girl who does stationary orders at work and she said I need to fill in a order form, get it signed and go and pick up my memory stick from the media services. So off I went and did everything I was told and now I have a fancy new memory stick :)

Apart from that I had a lovely time in housegroup tonight. It was nice to catch up with everybody and talk about the big plans God has for us. Bedtime now.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


We watched some football tonight. Arsenal vs Villarreal, the champion's league semi final. To our great delight Arsenal won but we thought the referee was rubbish and that villarreal's players weren't very gentlemanly and sporting. But everything was well in the end especially when Jens Lehman, Arsenals goalkeeper, saved a penalty, which shouldn't have been a penalty (because the referee was rubbish).

Anyway apart from football, david has been working hard in the kitchen today, putting up some cupboards - not cooking :( We went and spent some money on Moses, he now has a cage, which he seems to love and 15 kg of dog food, which he definitely loves. Now we are waiting for the breadmaker to finish so we can go to bed, only an other 10 minutes to go.

Good night! Hyveli yoteli!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Where did the sun go

We had a lovely time with David's parents yesterday and Friday night. Had a little saga with putting credit on wrong phone so we didn't get to leave untill gone seven and didn't arrive there untill closer to 9. Added to leaving late we chose the wrong queue at the petrol station and spent 15 minutes waiting to buy some diesel. But the sun was shining and it was really really warm so we didn't really mind.
On satruday we had a nice and lazy morning, apart from being woken up by Moses making noises in the kitchen before 7AM. Had a late breakfast and after that went to Ringwood to get some walking boots for me, belated birthday present from David's parents. This shop is amazing, they spend literally hours making sure that you've got a boot that suits your needs and your feet. Their customer service is excellent and they know what they are talking about. You get your feet measured, then they ask what kind of walking you need the boots for etc. After that you just try lots of different boots on, walk up and down a slope to see how well they fit and once you find a pair that is good you take a little walk up the road to see how they feel outside. I don't think I exactly took hours but it was probably closer to 30+ minutes. And I've got some fancy socks and liners to go with the boots as well. I am a proud and happy owner of walking boots :) Now we just need to go and do some hiking to test them properly.

After shoe shopping we went for a nice walk in the woods (and I wore my new boots). Spring is defintely here, there were lots of primroses, wood anemones and wood sorrels, even the first bluebells were starting to come out. Kinza (David's Mum's Dog) was not too keen on Moses and there was lots of growling and barking that took place between them. Moses thought it was a brilliant game and Kinza was petrified of him and surprised that he wasn't scared of her growling. Hopefully they will get on a bit better next time. However when we went for a walk they were tolerant of each other and we had a lovely walk in the woods. Moses discovered puddles, especially muddy puddles so we had to give him a quick wash when we got back. After the walk we had some lunch, sitting outside in the sun :) On the way to Ringwood we stopped at farmers market in Verwood and got some smoked trout and pork pie for lunch. I'd never had pork pie before and I don't think I will run to the shop and buy it. I think the taste was wasted on me, David loved it and was very happy to finish my piece while I enjoyed the trout. We drove back after lunch and got to Plymouth around 6.

In the evening we went to see Nathan who had cooked an amazing dinner. We had really nice time with friends we hadn't seen for a while. In the course of the evening we had a look trough some old photos which was fun.

So yesterday the weatehr was nice, warm, sunny and gorgeous. Today the weatehr is grey, grimm and miserable. Just as we thought the spring was finally here :( David and Tony have just taken Moses out for a walk. They had planned to watch the football this afternoon but it wasn't on tv so instead we've had fry-up for lunch and have been tasting different flavours of jaffa cakes and come to the conclusion the original ones are the best. For the rest of the evening we haven't really got much planned apart from relaxing.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Hanna!

Today, one of my lovely little sisters turns 18!!! She is amazing and beautiful . Hanna has a wonderful sense humour and is lots of fun to be around. Hanna, I hope you have a lovely day, get lots of nice pressies and enjoy yourself. You are eighteen only once and before you know you'll be 'nearly middleaged'.

Paljon onnea vaan siskoseni!!! Sa oot vihdoin ja viimein taysi-ikainen!!! Toivottavasti sulle on ihana synttaripaiva ja saat paljon kivoja lahjoja (mun lahja saapuu toivottavasti ens viikolla).

Sa oot tosi ihana, ihmeellinen ja sulla on tosi hyva huumorin taju - ma oon niin ilonen et sa oot mun sisko :)

Hyvaa Syntymapaivaa Hanna! Happy Birthday Hanna!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Moomin mugs

Moomin mugs, you maybe wondering what a Moomin is, as I had never heard of them until I met my wife. She is quite honestly obsessed about them. If you are clueless like I was, see the link on the side. They are inshort, childrens story characters which you can buy a whole load of merchandise for. The Mugs are Laura's favorite item however there are sixteen of them!

Any husbands out there you must sympathise with me, the amount of mugs we have is unbelievable. We haven't quite got the entire collection of Moomin mugs yet, but I fear it is only a matter of time, and then we will have to move onto the plates and the bowls etc. I have little hope of dissadding Laura on the matter, while in Finland her sister conspired against me and bought two more Moomin mugs to add to the collection. oh joys of joys.

The time has come to move house, alas, a bigger kitchen is required to contain the crockery, the Moomin mugs have started to breed.

The first butterfly

This is very exiting, spring has finally arrived to Plymouth - at least for the afternoon and I have seen the very first butterfly of this spring! I took Moses out to the park quickly and on our way back, there it was, fluttering happily in the sunshine :) It is so lovley out there, kids running around in their t-shirts, tulips are flowering and the weekend is here, what more could you ask for! We are driving up to Dorset tonight to see David's parents for a flying visit (back in Plymouth tomorrow) so we don't get to enjoy the sunshine but at least it will be much nicer to drive than in the rain. Moses is going to hopefully make a new friend tonight with Kinza, it will be interesting to see what she makes of him. I am off to pack now. L

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The begining of the Lindseys Blog!

This is the official opening of the Lindsey's blog. We are having a slight dispute over of what to say here but I think the general idea is to say welcome! We hope to keep you updated on our very exiting lives.

The most exciting thing that has happened to us in the last couple of months is that we recently became the owners of a puppy. We named him Moses (before the actress named her son Moses) and he is very cute. He is also very naughty and we are forever saying “Moses No”. This gets quite repetitive...however we love him very much and he is very lovely. He has these mad phases usually about 5pm and runs around our little house. He doesn’t appear to have any sense of feeling because he has the ability to run into doors, us, table legs etc, at considerable speed, and not get hurt. He also thinks we and any visitors - You have been warned!!! - don’t have any feeling either and proceeds to nip and bites us during these crazy phases (we hope that this will be trained out of him ASAP, hopefully before all our socks have holes in them). Another characteristic of Moses is, he has no fear unlike the biblical character and our Moses will say hello to anyone, any dog, any size and the initial hello is usually followed by a paw on the nose if you’re a dog or jumping up and a bark if you’re a human.

So that is a little taster of our little pup. He is 14 weeks old full of energy and fur. And he will probably feature in great detail in the postings to come.

That’s about enough for now.

The end.